Secure4Access Features - Access and Identity Management System

Secure4Access Identity Management System

Identity management system

Account, Password and Identity Management System

  • Centralized account and password management that is independent of the operating system.
  • Network-wide account and password propagation and synchronization.
  • Role provisioning to meet ‘least privilege rule’.
  • Password complexity and style enforcement, including DOD and DOE formatting rules.
  • Test password selections against a database of known to be compromised passwords
  • Control password changes and limit password reuse.
  • A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) is included to integrate Secure4Access into all PAM-enabled programs.

Access Control

  • Control logins by access type: rsh, ssh, ftp, etc..
  • Control logins by location, system, IP address, etc..
  • Control logins by time of day and day of the week.
  • Hierarchical account management privilege levels
  • Automatically inactivate accounts which have been unused for a given period.

Distributed Management

  • Create a hierarchical enterprise identity management solution, giving specified users limited management privileges over sets of accounts.
  • Create a distributed account system and automatically propagate account and password changes to all relevant machines.
  • Interface with Active Directory, freeIPA & 389-DS LDAP, and NIS to provide seamless user access and management.


  • A consistent graphical interface across all UNIX and Linux implementations.
  • A command line interface for automating regular reporting and bulk account administration.
  • A wide variety of configuration options included to make Secure4Access do it your way.

Extensive Reporting

  • Extensive reporting options, including comma-delimited output for use with report generation tool.
  • See what accounts have expired or been unused for specified periods.
  • Generate reports of all account modifications and login activity.
  • Run account auditing options including identifying weakly controlled accounts.


  • Linux for x86-64: RedHat Enterprise/CentOS/Oracle 7,8; SuSE Enterprise 15; Ubuntu 20
  • Linux for IBM Power Systems: RedHat Enterprise 7
  • Linux for IBM zSeries (LinuxONE): RedHat Enterprise 7
  • IBM: AIX 6 and 7
  • Oracle/Sun: Solaris 11 – SPARC and x86-64
  • Hewlett Packard: HP/UX 11 – PA-RISC
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