Secure4Audit system and kernel audit management

Unix/Linux System and Kernel Audit Management


The Issue…

Built-in system and kernel audit management is a reliable way to audit system activity, but…

  • Each Unix/Linux variant has its own unique auditing, configuration, data collection and storage and reporting.
  • Many lack management-friendly tools for configuration.
  • Some have command line programs with complicated switches while others may require manual file editing.
  • There are few programs for generating readable reports.
  • There are no tools for collecting and generating auditing data from multiple different Unix variants.


The Solution…

Secure4Audit provides a simple, easy-to-use interface to your operating system’s built-in system and kernel auditing management capabilities, hiding the differences between Unix variants and allowing a standardized audit policy to be implemented.

  • By providing a mechanism with which system administrators can identify key targets and events and assign priorities, the Secure4Audit filtering option lets you decide exactly what you need to track on your systems.
  • By providing a configurable alerting function, you can always be notified you when selected events occur.
  • By supporting multiple audit configurations, Secure4Audit also allows you to easily change the active policy in order to respond to demands.
  • By storing all audit data in a consistent, system-agnostic form, you can aggregate across multiple Unix variants and easily generate combined system reports.

Secure4Audit works with both Secure4Access and Secure4Privilege to make the security administrator’s job that much easier.

System and kernel audit management

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