Secure4Audit Unix/Linux Audit Manager and Reporting

Unix/Linux Audit Manager

Unix/Linux Audit Manager

System Auditing Control

  • Define multiple audit configurations and easily switch between them.
  • Enables selection of specific audit events
  • Allows the sysadmin to specify event item lists in order to restrict auditing to given items of interest.
  • Select priority levels for each audit event, and differentiate between failed and successful events.
  • User specified alerting scripts to be run when a given event occurs.
  • Consolidating audit information into a standard format for ease of cross-platform reporting.
  • Archiving audit files to remote systems to consolidate and centralize audit data.

Operating System Integration


  • Easy-to-use menu and GUI programs with on-line, context sensitive help messages for system auditing and reporting.
  • A command line interface with script files to perform any menu program function which can be run without operator intervention.
  • Hide the differences between UNIX and Linux variants. Looks and acts the same way on all platforms.
  • A wide variety of configuration options are included to make the Secure4Audit Unix/Linux audit manager do it your way.

Extensive Reporting

  • Generate reports for selected hosts, users, or events.
  • Generate reports for all events which trigger an error or alarm.
  • Generate reports combining audit data from multiple systems.
  • Generate a report for all events generated from a starting process.


  • Linux for x86-64: RedHat Enterprise/CentOS/Oracle 7,8; SuSE Enterprise 15; Ubuntu 20
  • Linux for IBM Power Systems: RedHat Enterprise 7
  • Linux for IBM zSeries (LinuxONE): RedHat Enterprise 7
  • IBM: AIX 6 and 7
  • Oracle/Sun: Solaris 11 – SPARC and x86-64
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