Secure4Privilege Features - Role and Privilege Management

Secure4Privilege Features

Role and Privilege Management

Control Root and Application Access

  • Easily define requirements for user authentication with no scripting language needed.
  • Set the UID and GID under which to run the program.
  • Optionally require user’s password for authentication.
  • Control which shell command options can be used.

Least Privilege Role Provisioning

  • Create a hierarchical command privilege management structure by assigning security levels to all users and commands.
  • Restrict command usage by using Secure4Access groups or by defining allowed user sets.
  • Tightly integrated with the privilege management levels in Secure4Access.
  • Control access type for commands (e.g. local, network, modem, r-command, batch queues, etc.)
  • Limit hosts on which and from which programs can be run.

Access Control

  • Restrict access based on time-of-day and day-of-week.
  • Establish maximum runtime restrictions.
  • Automatically terminate inactive programs or scripts.
  • Detect unauthorized changes to executable files.
  • Run an alarm script when a command is invoked outside of its parameters.


  • A command line interface allows for easy cration of batch processes such as standard reports.
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface with context sensitive help.
  • A wide variety of configuration options included to make Secure4Privilege do it your way.

Extensive Reporting

  • Generate an extensive set of account and auditing reports reporting options, including comma-delimited output for use with report generation tool.
  • Generate reports of all user or command activity.
  • Log all command execution attempts, including what, who, where, and when.
  • Optionally log each execution of a particular command; including the date, time, command name, executable program path, and the arguments passed.


  • Linux for x86-64: RedHat Enterprise/CentOS/Oracle 7,8; SuSE Enterprise 15; Ubuntu 20
  • Linux for IBM Power Systems: RedHat Enterprise 7
  • Linux for IBM zSeries (LinuxONE): RedHat Enterprise 7
  • IBM: AIX 6 and 7
  • Oracle/Sun: Solaris 11 – SPARC and x86-64
  • Hewlett Packard: HP/UX 11 – PA-RISC
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