Secure4DM Features - Account & File Distribution

Secure4DM – Account & File Distribution Manager

Account & File Distribution

Flexibility and Redundancy

  • Configure multiple Secure4DM hosts to provide complete redundancy and automatic failover.
  • An easily configurable number of transfer queues minimizes transfer times and optimizes use of system resources.
  • Automatic store-and-forward with specified retry counts to deal with temporarily inaccessible destination systems.

User Account Distribution

  • Distribution of account profiles to remote host without affecting user performance.
  • Integrates with Secure4Access providing transparent account distribution.
  • Insures updates reach all hosts on the network with real-time alarms if update failure is detected.
  • Configure retry attempts based on site specific needs.
  • Split update responsibilities.
  • Handles retry attempts if a target host is down, ensuring data delivery.
  • Define failover distribution hosts, creating a highly redundant account distribution system.

File Distribution

  • A complete set of commands are included to distribute files of any type to any number of systems with a single command.
  • Configuration options allow for restricting destination directories.
  • Files can either be replaced or have backup copies made of the originals.


  • Minimal administrator intervention is needed.
  • Simple yet flexible command line control for manual operation.
  • All options can be part of batch scripts.

Extensive Reporting

  • Transfer information is recorded in log files when the data transfer daemon completes a request or discards a request because the configured time period has been exhausted.
  • Log information can be used for real-time alerts and data transfer status reports.
  • Detailed activity data is easily available.


  • Linux for x86-64: RedHat Enterprise/CentOS/Oracle 7,8; SuSE Enterprise 15; Ubuntu 20
  • Linux for IBM Power Systems: RedHat Enterprise 7
  • Linux for IBM zSeries (LinuxONE): RedHat Enterprise 7
  • IBM: AIX 6 and 7
  • Oracle/Sun: Solaris 11 – SPARC and x86-64
  • Hewlett Packard: HP/UX 11 – PA-RISC
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