Cross Platform Integration
Secure4Access Windows Integration

Active Directory and LDAP Integration

Effective with revision 6.0, Secure4Access now includes full cross platform integration of Unix/Linux, Active Directory and LDAP accounts allowing for seamless user access and management.

Account Management

  • Create and manage local, LDAP and Active Directory accounts and groups from Unix/Linux using the Secure4Access management tool.
  • Cross-platform accounts have a synchronized superset of Secure4Access, Active Directory and Unix/Linux privileges.
  • LDAP/Active Directory account management is restricted to specified Unix/Linux manager systems.
  • Easily export existing local accounts to LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Activate existing Active Directory accounts for use on a Unix/Linux network with a single command.
  • UID and GID allocation for Active Directory accounts is handled automatically without the need for UID/SID cross-reference tables.
  • Active Directory and local account UIDs are allocated in separate system management defined ranges.

Account Access

  • Local, LDAP and Active Directory account records are accessible from all configured Unix/Linux systems using the name service switch (NSS).
  • A Secure4Access pluggable authentication module (PAM) allows all PAM-enabled applications to authenticate against all cross-platform accounts and their passwords.
  • Account credentials/passwords, validity and required style are consistent across all systems. Changes made on any system will be available to all.

System Configuration & Control

  • A menu driven configuration program provides quick and easy Secure4Access installation and configuration with LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Automatically update PAM and NSS configuration files.
  • Add and remove Unix/Linux LDAP/AD manager system privileges.
  • An extensive range of Secure4Access configuration options are available to allow you to make the key management decisions.
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