Secure4Audit Demonstration Downloads - System& Kernel Audit Management for Unix/Linux

Secure4Audit demonstration downloads


All Secure4Audit demonstration downloads are fully functional and the latest revision for the particular operating system. To use the software it must be loaded onto a system and activated according to the instructions below.
For information about releases available for operating system revisions not mentioned, please contact us.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the software to your system.
  • Extract the files using the tar command:  tar   xf   ‘filename’.>
  • You will now have two files, an installation document and the executable installation file.
  • Run the installation file answering the installation option questions
  • Change directory to: /bin/secure4/s4audit.dir
  • Run the s4accmgr program to get the installation codes: s4auditmgr   -i
  • Call or email S4Software and send the codes.
  • We will return the installation keys which can then be entered.
  • To verify the expiration date, run:  s4auditmgr   -v
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