Secure4Access - Identiy and Access Management for Unix/Linux

Identity, Account, Access and Password Management


The Issue…

Identity, account, access and password management and control are central components of a robust security policy. Implementing strong controls which, at the same time, enhance user productivity remains a challenge. In a typical environment…

  • 60% of all calls to the help desk are password related.
  • Scarce technical resource are diverted to mundane systems administration tasks which can be automated.
  • Heterogeneous operating system networks introduce complexity and increase the potential for security vulnerabilities.
  • Limited audit facilities make it difficult to preemptively detect and resolve problems.

In a time when security breaches become widely known in hours and when there are increasing regulations to combat them, it is incumbent on system administrators to have total control over identity and access management.


The Solution…

Secure4Access is a streamlined identity and access management tool for UNIX/Linux, is tightly and transparently integrated with Active Directory/LDAP and is independent of the specific operating system variant.

  • With a central Secure4Access administration host you can manage accounts for your entire Unix/Linux, Active Directory and LDAP environment whether it be 2 or 2000 systems.
  • Users will have a single set of access credentials whether their account resides on a Unix/Linux or Windows system.
  • When integrated with Secure4DM distribution manager, accounts are automatically updated on all designed systems.
  • Whether you are using Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX or any combination, a standard interface and feature super-set transparently manages them all and hides the annoying differences.
  • An extensive set of management, reporting and auditing features allows you to fully monitor and control your systems.

Many organizations utilize Secure4Access to pass internal and external audits. Meeting compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA and NISPOM stanards requires stringent access control and password management policies that go beyond the standard operating system options. Secure4Access can close that gap, simplify administration and secure your systems.


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