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S4Security Suite

The S4Security Suite Solution

The S4Security Suite three-tier approach allows you to improve the related issues of security and accountability by addressing many of the complex issues that are involved. The Suite includes three distinct complimentary products, Secure4Audit, Secure4Privilege and Secure4Access. Each of these solutions is designed to address the intricate issues involving users, events, and privileges that occur within complex, heterogeneous environments.

The S4Security Suite simplifies the implementation of the four A's of security: Auditing, Access Control, Administration and Accountability which are defined underneath the "Information Assurance" umbrella. This is accomplished by automating the manual tasks associated with enterprise level auditing, privilege management and user lifecycle provisioning. In addition, it can handle a wide range of e-security needs.

The Key Benefits of the S4Security Suite Include

Central-management and security of precious audit log data is accomplished by the S4Security Suite's powerful, automated archiving technology. Security measures provide collection, distribution and storage for the operating system audit data into a root-protected area. The S4Security Suite also provides clean, concise automation of the countless tedious activities that are needed to make enterprise auditing a reality. Click here for more information.

Data Reduction becomes simplified using SDR Technology provided by Secure4Audit. The S4Security Suite's Smart Data Reduction (SDR) Technology offers a unique way to automate the reduction of the audit logs so that you only keep the significant audit data which is relevant to your requirements. No more need to manually review audit logs and reduce them down before or after storing them. Security violations are caught automatically and data is removed that is not useful to your cause. Click here for more information.

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